Are appointments needed for an estimate?
No you can come in for an estimate whenever it is convenient for you. Check our home page for our office hours.
How do I set up a rental?
We will put you in touch and walk you through what needs to be done.
When do I pay my deductible?
You pay your deductible after you have inspected your car and become one of Chelsea Auto’s many happy customers.
What do I do with the insurance check?
As long as the check is made out only to you, it can be endorsed with your signature and given to Chelsea Auto.
If the check is made out to you and the finance company, the car MUST be repaired first. We will then give you a picture of the car to show that the car was repaired, and an itemized bill. All these items have to be mailed to the finance company for their endorsement.
Will my car ever be the same?
Chelsea Auto does not hesitate to put a member of our own family in any car we repair!
Chelsea Auto will never repair a car that will not be safe to drive or cannot be repaired properly.
How long will it take to repair my car?
The average repair takes about three to four days.
Can you give me a quote over the phone?
No. Due to the many factors in the process of estimating a damage vehicle, we cannot give a quote over the phone.
I was told Chelsea Auto is one of my insurance companies repair facilities. What do I do next?
Bring your car in so we can start the documentation portion of the estimate. Most of the time, your insurance company will have already sent us all your information before you come in. Once the estimate is complete, we will give you an appointment when to bring your car back for the repairs. If you drive your car in and we determine it is not safe to drive, you can leave it the day you come in. If your vehicle is not drivable, we will tow it in.
In the case where your car is at another yard, we will pay the charges so that you will not have to pay them yourself. We will then tow your vehicle back to Chelsea Auto and start the estimating process.
Do you charge for estimates?
No, we do not charge for estimates.

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